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Rogue River Valley Irrigation District

2021 Fee Schedule

Irrigation Incurred Charges:

Per Acre Rate:

Account fee charged per tax lot

Manufacturing Water Rate, charged by the Acre-foot




Administrative Fees:

– Lien Search fee (per tax lot)

– Title Transfer fee (per tax lot)

– Lien fee (per tax lot)

– Bad Check fee (per occurrence)

– Copy Charges (per page)

– Research fee (Employee wage + Benefit)

– Administrative Fee:

(The fee has a one-hour minimum.  This fee applies to all Land Surveyors, Developers, Appraisers, Real Estate Agents, and GIS Services.)








Inspection Fees:


Subdivision Review

Land Partition

Theft of Services: (plus the cost of repairs if any)

Tampering or Damage to District Property (plus the cost of repairs if any)






Crossing Agreement/License Fee:

Lateral (Utility)

Farm Crossing

Canal Crossing (Utility)

Fiber Optic





Water Right Transfer Fees:

Initial Application fee

Capital Improvement fee: First five acres

Each Additional Acre

Construction fees of pump station and point of delivery
(if needed, will be determined at the time of application for water rights.)

Quit Claim Fee + EWRP balance + Inclusion balance

Temporary Transfer Fee

Mapping Fee/Per map








Equipment Rental Rates:

*All rental rates include the wage of one operator*
*Payroll taxes are calculated at 50% of Gross Wage earned*


Cat Excavator

Auger Truck


Dump Truck

District Pickups

John Deere Tractor

District Personnel








Hourly wage + benefits/taxes